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The Sickle – English version

NEW MODEL LABEL promotion, presents:


The debut album of a brand new italian band: punk energy mixed to power pop melodies.

A very young band playing with different music styles as well as stories of everyday life, failed flirts faced and told with irony, but above all, a band with a continuous songwriting research which is a great starting point for the future.

“Hung Up To Dry” spreads the classic freshness of a debut album, ranging from mostly punky tracks as “Do You Fail To Try” to most intimate and overwhelming power-pop ballads with bright melodic openings: “Second Round” or “Reruns and Remakes”, according to bands such as Goo Goo Dolls and The Calling.

“Out Of Sight Out Of Mind” and “The One Key To Happiness” are two acoustic ballads providing another overview of the past evolution of the band.

The Sickle are currently promoting their debut album and they recently performed a series of concerts in Italy.

The Sicke will be touring across Europe soon.

The Sickle are: Dave Falciglia – Domingo Cabron – Pupilla

Tracklist: 1. Hung Up To Dry 2. Mental Mess 3. Without Guarantees 4. Reruns And Remakes 5. Don’T You Fail To Try 6. Addicted To Dreaming 7. It’s Just Rain 8. Before I Met You After You’re Gone 9. Upping The Ante 10. Second Round 11. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind 12. The One Key To Happiness



Upcoming Shows:

26 Luglio 2011 @ BluRadio Veneto – session acustica – Italy

12 Agosto 2011 @ La Scaletta – Rovereto – Italy

21 Agosto 2011 @ Cavedago (TN) – Italy

19 Nov 2011 @ Berlin (DE) – TBA

20 Nov 2011@ Acud Session – Berlin (DE) – TBC

22 Nov 2011@ Studentenhaus – Aarhus (DK)

23 Nov 2011@ Jet Lounge – Amsterdam (NL)

24 Nov 2011: De Rots – Antwerp (B) – TBC

25 Nov 2011: Steinbruck – Duisburg (DE)

26 Nov 2011: TBA

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