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Tenedle – English Version

TENEDLE songwriter producer performer writer, is born in 1969 in Florence, Italy but lives and works in Holland. Since the second half of the eighties, with the band “Laughing Silence” ( ), formation of new wave electronic active for a decade, cut out a space between non-marginal fans of alternative music. On completion of the experience with the group, in 1995,

Tenedle begins a series of collaborations and projects in electronic music and start a solo career that led him to this day. In 1995 he moved to Holland where he worked on his first “collection of songs” with several local musicians and performs in small venues. The same period he devoted himself to painting and writing

The return to Italy in 1997, completed the demos “Esperienze visionarie”, then “Fucsia”1999 and “Smulltronstallet” 2000. Three albums of research, which are a veritable laboratory for further work published..

In 2002 he writes and produces Psicfreakblusbus a collection of songs set in a fictional circus in the clouds that inevitably triggers a series of fortunate events

The debut cd of TENEDLE was published in June 2003 (Interbeat records) and very well received by reviews.

The following studio project, Luminal (Udu records 2005), returns to adopt more electronic sounds, while remaining within the song writing. The concept collects twelve tracks playing around the theme of madness and accompanied by a large number of positive reviews.

In the following time Tenedle’s music get awards at events such as the Prize Augusto Daolio – the Prize Fabrizio Deandre ‘Prize Musicultura’ of Recanati -,’ Prize Pigro’, Sonica Festival, privileges and experiences that generate further attention to the work and evolutions of the artist,

Moreover, after those gratifications in his own land, some Dutch radio, thanks to a never stop relationship between the artist and the north european country, put in rotation the songs on the CD that is also good reviewed by the press. Beetween 2005 and 2007 Tenedle performes his songs in many venues, mostly theaters, where is performing his electronics songs with videos. During those same years he composed the soundtrack for some theatrical plays taking place in Rome, Florence. Amsterdam. Utrecht.

At the end of 2007, Tenedle released ALTER (Udu records), third official album, which establishes the definitive return to electronics. The singer produces an album of songs dedicated to the night and the light, they get a new long series of excellent reviews and new awards.

Moved back again to Holland TENEDLE begins a new course in 2008. The compositions for the last two theater productions are accompanied by participation as an actor and director

In late 2008 TENEDLE presents the performance “Egocentrifugo” at the Melkweg in Amsterdam, a show made up of words, video and short theatrical scenes that revolve around the “electronic-songwriting” of the “visionary songwriter” as he defined by the press.In 2009 TENEDLE began work on what will be his new album.

Year of meditation, writing and preproduction. A year of exciting new collaborations with new musicians and video makers. Alongside the new album is in fact working on the project for the new performance “Egocentrifugo. The album will be released before the end of 2010.

News, reviews and interviews, videos and discography about TENEDLE :

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