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Current release: Favourite Sons – 2010

Nearly a year after the launch of “Secularization”, their official debut, Speedjackers are back with a new work!
“Favourite Sons” shows a band in evolution, from punk’n’roll sound of the beginning  to new classic and hard rock influences.
“Shake It” and “A Little Boom”, the two opening tracks show no compromise  and the same hi-energy riffs and choruses of their debut.
“Recidivo” is a rock’n’roll track with Italian vocals but really no connection with Italian pop music while in “The Kicker” and “Wild Side” the band explores new territories, with more complex structures.
“Reborn”has a southern and classic rock flavour and is a great example of Speedjackers new-songwriting skills, together with “I’m Not A Superman” and “No Heroes” where punk and hard rock are well mixed together.  “Non Saremo Qua” is another song in Italian, while Favourite Son”, the final track, is an 8 minute rock experience without any loss of tension.
“Favourite Sons”, the album, is the result of the reasearch of the band from the roots of rock and to new contemporary sounds.

Line-up: Kekko – vox,  Nicko – gtr, Bino – gtr, Set – gtr, Murka – bass, Nik – drums

Past album:


SECULARIZATION – EP –  RELEASE DATE 6th APRIL 2009,  CD & all digital stores

Speedjackers are a 6 piece band from Northern Italy, North of Vicenza, to be precise, which is not as North as Norway or Sweden but nobody ever proved in a scientific way a connection between geographical position and punk rock’n’roll!!
Those guys grew up with massive doses of Elvis, Motorhead, AC/DC, Turbonegro and Hardcore Superstar and now they are ready to rock with their first official cd, “Secularization”!
The cd features 7 tracks with two real killer singles, “I Wanna Rock You”, pure punk rock ‘n’roll and “Il Suo Pensiero”, a sort of ideal crossover between Motorhead, AC/DC, The White Stripes and the old school Italian hardcore (Negazione, etc), showing to the world that it’s possibile to do it even in Italian!

SPEEDJACKERS are: 3K “L’ATTACCABRIGHE” (vox&tambourine), Murka “IL DRASTICO” (bass), Bino “L’IMPEGNATO” (gtr), Set “IL BOSS” (gtr), Nicko “L’INTIMO” (gtr), Nik “IL MIGLIORATO” (drums)

TRACKLIST: 1. The Road To… / 2. Secularization / 3. I Wanna Rock You / 4. Il Suo Pensiero / 5. Love Rock’N’Roll / 6. The Girl’s Joke / 7. Harage


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