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The Revolution Of Species – track by track – English version


1 – The Origin Of Delusion

Every epic album needs an epic intro. Few condensed seconds with the whole DBL recipe: shrill drums and chivalric sensations.

2 – She Do Wanna

The first single from the album featuring the paradoxical story of a man courted by an unbearable woman, that ends in drama when he’s forced by life to surrender to her.

3 – Ringo Starr

The true history, lived and sung by Lara Brixen. While on his way to rock star-guitarist status, Lara meets Ringo Starr who announces a new luxurious career as a drummer. A visionary song!

4 – Don’t Laugh For Me Argentina

Another true story featuring Lara Brixen: this is the answer of Argentina, a Chilean girl met in Milano in Lima square, to the fateful question after 10 years of courtship: What do you think about me? The answer is easy: the refrain to be sing (or laugh) all together! Ha ha ha!

5 – Nobody Knows

The first ever song we wrote, the first chord (and for the most of the song also the only one). It’s also our best one. The chorus is already an anthem.

6 – Pompei

The last song we wrote for the album. Is about all the mistakes that humanity has been strongly punished for, from Sodom and Gomorrah to Nero, reaching dictators, grunge and djs.

7- C’mon Get In

A piece on a great old friend of ours at the 11th year of university… and still offended with us, but at least he has started to come to the shows!

8 – Crystal Balls

One of the early songs we wrote. It’s all about no future for relationships and broken balls, broken crystal balls. This is also the fastest song on the album, sung by two voices at the same time.

9 – Bird Watching

Our environmentalist song. Observe (or show) the birds, even if, sooner or later they will fly away. One of the heaviest songs on the album. The next WWF hymn.

10- Love is Blind

Sometimes people say love is blind… Also little froggies occasionally end up being loved, but Federica Knox’ girlfriend was really blind. And when she passed away she left him her dog and her white stick. Now that she’s in heaven she can really see the beautyness of her froggy and sing at the top of her lungs our desert stoner ballad.

11- Revolution/Primary Needs

The one and only political song we ever wrote. Until now. The anthem of our way to Revolution. With a full belly, obviously!

12 – We Don’t Care

Are you short? Fat? Bald? You are ok! You are cute! And we don’t care! Even if our friends are against it. Who cares? Another deluded-manifesto.

13 – United States Of Delusion

The United States of Delusion national anthem. Or the next winter Olympics hymn. Or the future official song for the world Bocce championship! Or simply, the best way of closing an album like this!



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