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Deluded By Lesbians – The Revolution Of Species – the album

luglio 13, 2010

Deluded By Lesbians – “The Revolution of Species” out in Fall 2010 – New Model Label / Audioglobe in digital by Pirames International.

Deluded By Lesbians are the winner of the Italian competition for Sziget Sound Fest 2010 and will play at the one of the biggest live events in Europe, in Budapest – August 9th 2010
After two self-released EPs, “The Importance Of Being Ignorant” and “The Ignorance Of Being Important”, the band signs with New Model Label for music publishing and the traditional circuits and with Pirames International for digital and online marketing.
“The Revolution of Species” is the first full length album recorded in Milan by Luca Serpenti, in which the band is venturing in different styles of rock, from punk to hard rock passing through stoner and ’90s alternative but always with the same fun attitude of bands such as Turbonegro, The Presidents Of The USA and Monotonix.
Lara Brixen, Laura O’Clock and Federica Knox, stage-names of these three “lesbian guys” have already hitten various Italian cities and stages with their overwhelming energy and  their contagious irony.  “What brings us on stage,” says Laura O’Clock, stroking his belly, “is a revenge desire toward rock and the independent music scene. We want to bring back the fun to watch a show, making sure that the crowd is participating and a part of it”.
Federica Knox adds: “Our ideal show has to contain at least fancy dresses, special effects, brilliant ideas, musicians exchanging instruments between songs, strong interaction with the crowd and also a singing drummer! “. “The Revolution of Species” is an involution that is costantly looking to the future, deconstructing rock stereotypes while creating an invincible recipe using classic ingredients. It’s a title that creates expectations, a manifesto of the Deluded by Lesbians way of thinking. As our drummer Lara Brixen says: “trying to look smart even when you’re not smart at all “.


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