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Insects Are Sexy – debut cd with exclusive silk cover bag on Enthomology Records

dicembre 10, 2009

Available on CD, limited edition of 300 copies with special packaging, silk cover bag by Entomology Records –   New Music Label Model music publishing.

First official release on CD for Insects Are Sexy, a project by Luca Sommariva, musician, electronic producer and sound designer from Milan, also author of graphics, artworks and visuals. The name’s choice is not accidental and comes straight from an attraction for insects that, putting aside the common revulsion that many at first glance might try, are in fact creatures of great harmony with their own strong sexuality that often becomes a human being metaphor. The CD collects the first two EPs of the project, previously digitally released on Juno Download only. The first EP, “The Ultraviolet Love Suite” is a concept-EP dedicated to the moods associated with the concept of love. Vibrant sounds, sometimes  cold, rhythms and piano inserts which are leading the listener into an hypnotic and fascinating journey between dub, ambient, readings in Chinese and minimal techno sounds. The next EP, entitled “Oxythyrea Funesta”, is based on concepts related to the human mind and all its complex interactions with the Universe. The tracks are revealing the most radical side of Insects Are Sexy music: remote industrial influences and soundtrack music. Currently Insects Are Sexy / Luca Sommariva is working on new songs that will see the light in spring 2010 as well as visuals related to the project.

The Ultraviolet Love Suite – in the words of the author:

Why combine love with ultraviolet light? “First of all we’re not talking about the classic love theme: platonic or carnal but rather of attraction. So if we want to simplify, it’s all about everything that comes before love which triggers chemical and emotional reactions which are  leading to flirting first then, if everything goes, to what follows.
The ultraviolet choice is due to two factors: ultraviolet light radiation, which humans cannot see (but after a few hours on the beach we realize it on our skin…) is a radiation that vibrates at high intensity. It is absolutely necessary for life on the planet, but also extremely harmful (such as love, I’d say…).  Almost all insects are strongly attracted to the ultraviolet light (even they have a low sensitivity to red), which is the reason why anti-mosquito lamps are powered with a UVA light: an effective trap. Moreover, in these traps are ending up more or less all the insects that are managing to enter in… And again, the theme of attraction and the metaphor insect-human being, is back. The three tracks concept is representing the attraction, courtship and inevitable ending: forced equilibrium or end in the strict sense, followed by a new search.

“Oxythyrea Funesta” – in the words of the author:
Is the name of a beetle. Black with some white spots.  But this attractive insect, unlike most of his fellows, not satisfied of getting fed on pollen, it devours the tender buds of the crops (it’s a plant eating insect), with obvious damage when thousands arrive on the fields. We do not know why, but prefers light-colored buds ….
“Oxythyrea Funesta”  is a concept dedicated to the mind-universe interactions and, consequently, all the complex mental mechanisms related to. Titles of the three tracks: “Ne Mange De Que Violettes”, a line drawn from the poem “Le loup criait sous les feuilles” by Arthur Rimbaud, is part of the cycle dedicated to hunger and thirst. Certainly not in the strict sense, but more metaphysically: search for truth, perfection of knowledge. The title track represents the variation or, rather, the mutation that generates a diversity and an associated behavior. “Back To The Asylum”, inspired by the story “Bruges, The Death” by Georges Rodenback, is the metaphor of metabolization of events through some sort of protective shell creations, and at the same time, projection: basically what every human being does, in different ways, to survive to events.


Insects Are Sexy

Enthomology Records

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