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Speedjackers -“Secularization” and Lunacy Box album available from 5th November at Audioglobe distribution

ottobre 28, 2009

Our two first releases will be available starting from 5th November fthorugh Audioglobe distribution at a very special launch price. Click on the following link to be directed to the Audioglobe mail-order store. Stay tuned for the next releases.

Speedjackers – Secularization – 7 tracks CD (file under: punk’n’roll)


FOR FANS OF – Turbonegro/ Hardcore Superstar/ Backyard Babies / Motorhead

Speedjackers are a 6 elements band grown with massive doses of Elvis, Motorhead, AC/DC, Turbonegro and Hardcore Superstar, now ready to kick in around the world with their first album “Seculariziation”! “Secularization” contains 7 previously unreleased tracks, including two killer songs such as “I Want to Rock You”, pure punk rock ‘n’ roll and “Il Suo Pensiero” (a true demonstration that you can be overwhelming, aggressive and original even singing in Italian), kind of ideal crossover between Motorhead, AC/DC, The White Stripes as well as the Italian hardcore old school.  Speedjackers are currently in studio to record their new work which will be released in February 2010.

TRACKLIST: 1. The Road To… / 2. Secularization / 3. I Wanna Rock You / 4. Il Suo Pensiero / 5. Love Rock’N’Roll / 6. The Girl’s Joke / 7. Harage

Metal Hammer: “High speed Rock and roll… keep an eye and maybe go and see them live.”

Rocksound: “six boys from Vicenza confirmed as one of the best promises in the future of Italian rock’n’roll.”

Buscadero: “Speedjackers are impressive on several fronts. First of all: energy…”
Ox- Fanzine (Germany) – great stadium rock with good melodies and the result is not boring at all like most of  the 70s’ rock bands clones
Scarred for Life (Germany)– These guys have their own style and have the power to make it! (UK) – ‘Secularization’ is a brazen mix of big, fast guitars, rock and punk aesthetics, and something a little more continental. Enjoyable it is too. Forget the comparisons with The Answer, this really is Italy’s answer to The Bronx

Lunacy Box – Lunacy Box (file under: gothic rock with female vocals )


Contains cover of Filter’s  “Hey Man Nice Shot”.
Lunacy Box are an Italian gothic band able to reconciling both fans of traditional gothic rock, as well as metal audiences and lovers of Nine Inch Nails’ sounds.  The distinctive element of Lunacy Box is definitely Ms Larsen’s voice and its personality which doesn’t make her resemble as a photocopy of female gothic metal vocalists around the scene.  “Lunacy Box” gained great feedbacks from the medias, both in Italy and in Europe, especially in Germany’s goth scene key magazines such as Zillo and Sonic Seducer.  The band’s music blends different elements and atmospheres, gloomy moments which are turning into guitar explosions and catchy choruses.

Metal Hammer – “A record who speaks its own language, full of music and personality which certainly deserves your listening”.

Ritual –  “Lunacy Box’ influences are digging into industrial and dark wave… and you’ll be surely convinced by Ms. Larsen’s qualities and the expressions of a sonic entity emptied by all the cultural vices which since ages, are characterizing the misery of Italian record productions.”

Zillo (Germany) – “The quartet moves around with an extremely charismatic voice signed by Ms Larsen which demonstrates a good landmark on the official songs. Very promising work which must be kept under observation.”

Sonic Seducer (Germany) – “Ms Larsen has a beautiful soulful voice and very pleasantly she uses it skillfully on these songs.”

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