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Lunacy Box – Reflections of Darkness – review (English)

maggio 19, 2009


Lunacy Box is the name of a new 4-piece hailing from “…the deepest oceans of” Italy which is now ready to leave its cocoon to surface with their very first and self-titled full length.

With ‘Wrong Lane’ the band already plays out their strengths with slicing metal riffing, crystal clear recorded and dynamic drumming and a memorable because unusual female voice at the front all mixed up with some rather poppy melodies added in-between catering for a darker atmosphere. The sophomore track ‘Save’ provides us with an electronic an entirely electronic start before doing the U-turn back towards rock and a pretty straight orchestration. Next two tracks actually belong together as the ‘Hey Man Prelude’ is the electronically realized introduction to the only cover song on the album: Filter’s ‘Hey Man Nice Shot’ and Richard Patrick probably would be pleased if he ever gets to hear this take on one of his most famous songs which is building up darkly from a deep and omnipresent bass melody that is soon overlaid with ghostly synth layers and processed guitar that erupt in a pressing chorus where the drums are flexing their muscles and steeled guitars riding on top of it.

‘I Think I’m Done’ is a Goth Rock pleasure of a little harder kind that with gloomy atmospheres lures you into the abysms of your soul and is coming up of a virtuoso solo guitar performance that’ll probably work out even better live. ’Hide’ goes pretty well without any harsh guitars wailing in the background and is filled with beautiful acoustic tinges amidst melodic indie chords and understated drums. Available only with the digital version of the album is an additional remix of ‘Save’ by German project DIN[A]TOD re-working it with analogue machine sounds and giving it therefore their very own touch. Be sure to lend this album an ear or two if you can spare the second one as this album I surely on par with many other Goth / Indie Rock releases out there and deserves to be heard.

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