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The debut of a killer punk’n’roll band!!!

febbraio 26, 2009


RELEASE DATE 7th APRIL 2009, CD & all digital stores – NEW MODEL LABEL

Speedjackers are a 6 piece band from Northern Italy, North of Vicenza, to be precise, which is not as North as Norway or Sweden but nobody ever proved in a scientific way a connection between geographical position and punk rock’n’roll!!

Those guys grew up with massive doses of Elvis, Motorhead, AC/DC, Turbonegro and Hardcore Superstar and now they are ready to rock with their first official cd, “Secularization”!

The cd features 7 tracks with two real killer singles, “I Wanna Rock You”, pure punk rock ‘n’roll and “Il Suo Pensiero”, a sort of ideal crossover between Motorhead, AC/DC, The White Stripes and the old school Italian hardcore (Negazione, etc), showing to the world that it’s possibile to do it even in Italian!

SPEEDJACKERS are: 3K “L’ATTACCABRIGHE” (vox&tambourine), Murka “IL DRASTICO” (bass), Bino “L’IMPEGNATO” (gtr), Set “IL BOSS” (gtr), Nicko “L’INTIMO” (gtr), Nik “IL MIGLIORATO” (drums)

TRACKLIST: 1. The Road To… / 2. Secularization / 3. I Wanna Rock You / 4. Il Suo Pensiero / 5. Love Rock’N’Roll / 6. The Girl’s Joke / 7. Harage



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